As a food and nutrition consultant I work as an advisor for a variety of food and beverage companies. I have been a registered dietitian for 37 years and use this experience and acquired knowledge when placing content on my website.

As a registered dietitian/nutritionist and member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, I am bound by the Code of Ethics for the Dietetics Profession.

The Code requires that I conduct myself with honesty, integrity and fairness and support and promote high standards of professional practice. I must practice using evidence-based principles and current information. 

Current Clients:
·         California Walnut Commission
·         Monsanto
Past Clients:
·         American Beverage Association
·         General Mills
·         Arrowhead Water
·         Jamba Juice
·         The Coca Cola Company
·         International Food Information Council
·         Enova Oil/Kao Health and Nutrition
·         Corn Refiners Association
·         LA Parent Magazine